CGR Le Paris cinema

Cultural, Entertainment, Cinema in Montauban
  • Cinema d'Art et d'Essai located in the city center of Montauban.

  • The cinema has 3 rooms with 430 seats.
    This cinema offers screenings of Art and Essay films.
    The Cine-Conferences "Knowledge of the World" complete the program of the cinema Le Paris. They are part of a long tradition of French exploration in the world. The meeting of the public with the explorer who comes to comment on his film, constitutes the heart of the concept of the Ciné-Conférences.

    Open: all year depending on the program
  • Activities
    • Arts
    • Cinema
  • Rates 2022
  • Child
    5.20 €

    • Under 16

  • Full price
    8.20 €
  • Reduced price
    7 €
  • All year 2022
    Opened Everyday