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Our engagements

Le Grand Montauban is committed to quality and transparency

Welcoming our visitors

As a Category 1 Tourist Office, the Grand Montauban tourist office guarantees all its visitors and partners the discovery of the destination, a warm welcome, attentive staff, mastery of foreign languages (English and Spanish), personalized services, the cleanliness and comfort of its premises, as well as the consideration of their opinions.

Our team works on a daily basis for the quality of the welcome offered to visitors, and on the added value that the travel advisers bring to customers thanks to their knowledge of the territory and the quality of human contact. All 314 days a year

You have visited our tourist office, we invite you to complete our satisfaction survey, less than 2 minutes is enough!

We also invite you to send us your suggestions, complaints or thanks, which could allow us to improve your next stay in the Grand Montauban.

Nos Actions pour le développement durable

The Grand Montauban and the town of Montauban, a true “town in the countryside” are appreciated for the beauty of its landscapes, its remarkable architecture but also for its cleanliness. The Grand Montauban is committed to preserving its assets by preserving its natural and architectural heritage. To do this, in building its tourism strategy, the various players strive to:

  • Favor soft transport.
  • Preserve their green spaces.
  • Create media and actions to raise awareness of local biodiversity to the general public.
  • Highlight local production.
  • Allow sorting and recycling of waste (Cliiink: 1st sorting reward system for the general public) and in support of the organizers for eco-responsible events.
  • Promote local products.

In this context, the Grand Montauban tourist office is a player in this strategy through its daily eco-actions:

  • Limit the consumption of paper and our brochures.
  • Recycling ink cartridges.
  • Waste separation.
  • Sending information by email and encouraging documents to be downloaded from our website.
  • Implementation of an “eco-responsible actions” procedure and awareness of the common and simple actions of his team.
  • Dematerialization of meeting reports, planning, liaison book and digitalization of supports.
  • In-house carpooling incentive and practice.
  • Reuse scrap paper.
  • Printing of our materials for certified green print suppliers
  • Paper printing is reasoned internally.
  • Digital reception thanks to the Roadbook: creation of a personal website to reduce paper printing