Victor Brun natural history Muséum

Located in the former court of the Court of Aids, facing the Old Bridge and close to the Ingres Museum, this museum generously showcases its collections of birds and mammals since 1854! Founded thanks to the members of the Society of Sciences, Agriculture and Belles-Lettres of Tarn et Garonne, the museum has, over time, enriched until reaching its current configuration ...
Prices guided tours Museum Victor Brun:
Group - 20 people: 100 € / group + 2.50 € / person
Group from 21 people: € 7.50 / person

The collections of the Museum

Travel through time and continents to discover the animals and fossils of the natural history museum.

Nocturnal mysteries

Is the bat a vampire? How do owls spot mice in the dark? The night world is often unknown and mysterious, when it does not feed fears and fantasies ...

Next stop: France

From the collections of the Museum, discover the so-called invasive species, those that have been and which are now completely parts of our ecosystems but also for which control programs are developed.