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Municipality of Greater Montauban
It is on the banks of the river Aveyron that the commune reveals its charms to you. A beautiful brick mill with its feet in the water, a restaurant guinguette in the summer, a wild swimming area and a small sandy beach … This postcard decor invites you to rest, to swim and to laze around, but also to beautiful walks in forests and on the hillsides.

Did you know that?

In the 1st century BC, the site was originally a large settlement center located near the ford, allowing the Cahors (Divona)-Toulouse (Tolosa) road to cross the Aveyron River. In 961, Raymond I, Count of Rouergue bequeathed to the abbey of Moissac, the lands, castles and churches of Cos.

In 1628, the Wars of Religion left the Catholic population of Ardus battered and the buildings of Ardus and Cos (mill, castles, churches) in ruins. François Duval took the title of Baron de Lamothe in 1734, he built the present castle on the banks of the Aveyron and became owner of the mill. In 1737, he founded an earthenware factory, the first Montalban establishment to obtain the title of Manufacture Royale in 1739.

Live unforgettable moments with your family,

in Lamothe-Capdeville


Want to enjoy a moment with family, friends, 10 minutes from Montauban with your feet in the sand?

Go to the beach of Ardus de Lamothe-Capdeville, a small corner of paradise on the edge of the Aveyron!

Mathieu, travel consultant