The sculptures

in the steps of Bourdelle
More than 40 statues are scattered throughout the city streets, we invite you to discover them!

To See

Wandering around Montauban is an exceptional opportunity to discover the work of sculptor Antoine Bourdelle outside the walls and museums.

As the birthplace of this “trailblazer of modernity” artist, Montauban offers ten of his bronze works for your viewing in the city center.

Take a walk

on the lanes

On the occasion of the redevelopment of the allées de l’Empereur and Mortarieu, new works of contemporary art paying tribute to the figure of Bourdelle have taken their place on this beautiful promenade.

Starting at the esplanade des Fontaines, discover Flavio de Faveri’s Cleopatra, move up to Patrick Berthaud’s Wave, a tribute to Camille Claudel, whom Bourdelle rubbed shoulders with in Rodin’s studio.

Further on, on the outskirts of the kiosk, admire the monumental arrows by Émilie Prouchet Dalla Costa that seem to have been shot by Corinne Chauvet’s Archer Heracles emerging from the earth, installed on the belvedere overlooking the Jardin des Plantes.

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Sculpture of Napoleon

New sculpture “Napoleon” by the sculptor Emmanuel Michel, located on rue Bessières, next to the sculpture of Jeanbon Saint-André. This sculpture celebrates the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death but also his contribution to the creation of the Tarn-et-Garonne department. Indeed, it is thanks to the role played by Napoleon in the creation of the department of Tarn-et-Garonne by the sénatus-consulte of November 4, 1808, that our department was born.

Moreover, according to the legend, if you look closely at the limits of the department, you will notice that they represent a fist on the map of France, that of Napoleon in this case.