A relaxing interlude

in Montauban

To end 2021 on a high note and begin 2022 with peace of mind…

A moment out of time

at the Capuchin Abbey

Relax at the wellness area, in the hammam, sauna and whirlpool tubs. Also take advantage of the beauty salon’s wide range of massages and body treatments

Why not plan a sweet night, in the hushed world of this beautiful hotel-spa?

You’re just a stone’s throw from downtown, in arefined setting that invitesrelaxation and resourcing.


in the historical center

Stand in front of themonumental facades of the Place Nationale, the Cathedral, theChurch of Saint-Jacques, theBridge Vieux

Push open the doors of the charming boutiques of Montalban and intoxicate yourself with thesmells of chocolates, cafés and gourmands scents of specialties

A break

at O'Zen Spa

Enter a universe where taking care of yourself, is an Art of Living.

This peaceful and serene place invites you to relaxation and resourcing. A wide range of care, products and personalized advice await you.

Taste the pleasures of wellness and relaxation, in a comfortable bathrobe that is loaned to you for the duration of this parenthesis of softness and warmth.


in Montauban

Complete your relaxation over a sweet or sweet treat, a steaming tea or chocolate, a salted tartcomfort … In the city’s cosy and cocooning tea rooms


in Montauban