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Voluntary approaches

You want to belong to a label, have your guest room classified as a chambre d’hôte de Référence or classify your furnished tourist accommodation as starred?

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-> adds value to any type of accommodation,
-> reassures customers,
-> is a network whose services vary according to the label.

The ranking

-> highlighting furnished accommodation with 1 to 5 stars,
-> commercial asset, guarantee of quality,
-> tax benefits in some cases,
-> cashable vacation vouchers,
-> fixed rate of tourist tax.

The labels
Star ratingand bed and breakfast Reference
Atout Franceand the furnished tourist accommodation

The classification of the furnished accommodation is voluntary and values the furnished accommodation from 1 to 5 stars during 5 years.

It allows to determine a level of comfort.

Atout France gives the main principles and the procedure of the classification. This organization also communicates on the classification criteria.

Bed and Breakfast Reference

The objective of Chambre d’hôtes référence is to provide the possibility for non-labeled guest houses to guarantee the quality of their services to their customers while contributing to the improvement of the qualification of the tourist accommodation offer of the destination. Chambre d’hôtes référence is not intended to replace the labels, but to be a solution for operators who wish to qualify their offer but do not wish to join a label.

National Federation of Institutional Tourism Organizations
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