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Tourist tax

The Greater Montauban Agglomeration Community has delegated to the Tourist Office the collection of the tourist tax and offers you the possibility to make your monthly declarations online.

The tourist tax

It helps finance tourism projects and the protection of natural areas.
It concerns all types of market tourist accommodation rented for short periods:
– hotels
– furnished accommodation
– campsites
– bed and breakfast
– etc….

When it is instituted on a real basis, the accommodation provider collects it from his tourists and transfers it to the community.

If a non-professional accommodation provider rents his accommodation via a third party (platform, agency, etc.) which is an intermediary for payment, this third party is responsible for the formalities of the tourist tax.

The accommodation provider informs the local authority of this on his space using “Rental via third party collectors”.

The rates


5 stars: 1.05€ Single rate: 0.55€

4 stars: 1.05€

3 stars: 0.90€

2 stars: 0.75€

1 star: 0.55€

Unclassified rentals : 5.00%

Contact your local tax consultant

Grand Montauban Tourist Office
05 63 63 60 60

3D West

Find all the informationand complete all your tourist tax formalities

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