Bicycle greenway

a bike ride along the water
Enjoy discovering the vélo voie verte between Montauban and Montech, on foot or by bike.
Rent your bike

Before you set out on the bike greenway, make sure you are well equipped.

You can rent your bike or get advice at the Maison du Vélo.

Find a rental

Once equipped

Go on the road

An accessible route

The Montech Canal Greenway Bikeway is 11.4 km long.

Good to know

The Greenway Bikeway is a self-contained route reserved for soft travel (bikes and pedestrians). A safe and easy route. Ideal for families.

At lunch time

Take a break along the canal with a picnic

Rent your boat without a license

From Port Canal, rent a boat without a license and take on the role of captain with your shipmates and go on an adventure along the Montech Canal.

I am interested

Book a cruise

Board the barge Olympe for a 1.5-hour cruise along the Tarn or on the Montech Canal.

The green hole of Bressols