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An evening of madness

at Klas Karaoke Box

The ideal musical pastime for getting together with friends and covering the greatest songs, karaoke is coming to Montauban thanks to Klas Karaoke Box! An excellent moment of relaxation in anticipation.

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Located 200 Avenue d’Espagne in Montauban, in the Albasud commercial zone, it’s in a large space that you have an appointment with your friends. Prepare your voice and revise your classics on the way.

Getting there

The concept

Klas Karaoke Box

New generation karaoke

Klas Karaoke Box is 5 private rooms with unique decorations, 1 common room to perform in front of an audience and about 42,000 songs to choose from.


Good to know

Reduced rates, in the form of promos, apply during off-peak hours on weekdays.

Organize your EVJF or EVG

A karaoke party is an original activity idea for your bachelorette / boy parties. You have the possibility to rent adapted rooms.

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