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Municipality of Greater Montauban
A peaceful and rural commune of Greater Montauban, Villemade welcomes you to the valley of the Tarn River.
The Aveyron River also borders the commune, giving it a close link between the village and the water.

Did you know that?

This village was established in 1144 by Alphonse Jourdain near the castle.

The account named it “Ville-Aimée” or “Isle-Amade” (Villa-Amada, Isla-Amada), a name metamorphosed in the 13th century in Latin documents into “Ville-Humide” (Villa-Madida), to finally become “Villemade “.

Before the foundations of the village, the knoll on which it was beaten bore the name of Island, bathed in the east by a Great Lake and, on the Tarn and Aveyron side, by the marshes of the two rivers. A history truly rocked by the rhythm of water.

Well before the construction of the village, a Roman town was established at the same place, on the 2 banks of the Tarn. Destroyed in 407 by the Vandals, only its name of “Ville-Vieille” and a few Roman ruins attest to the existence of this ancient city, whose site belonged for a long time to the Abbey of Saint Théodard.

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