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Notre‑Dame cathedral

located at the highest point of the city
What is this big green roof that we see in the distance as soon as we arrive in Montauban?
A good reason to go to the historic center, to discover its secrets.

A little history

The highest point of the old center, here it is, monumental, perched at the top of the large steps. Its classic lines and the whiteness of its stones contrast with the surrounding brick houses. The four imposing statues of the evangelists gaze at you from the top of the facade. The vocation of power of the monument, is intact. Engulf yourself in the lair of this great lady with a charged soul.

As soon as you enter, the 4 original statues of the evangelists will surprise you. The resonance is heavenly and the refined light floods the immense space with a sober softness. The vast nave is bathed in clear light, which penetrates under the perfect arches of the high windows.

For the curious

Open your eyes wide. Among the works preserved here, the most famous is the painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, “Le Vœu de Louis XIII”.

In 1820 the painter, a native of Montauban, was commissioned by the State for this imposing painting, intended to adorn the cathedral. The subject is not innocent: Louis XIII, unhappy sovereign, obliged to lift the siege before the rebel Montauban, is represented here, offering his kingdom to the Virgin. It then took more than four years for Ingres to produce this painting. And it was Ingres himself who installed it in the cathedral in 1826!

Did you know ?

It was in 1685, at the end of the Wars of Religion, that Louis XIV decided to build this gigantic cathedral to assert his authority.

After a fundraiser, the site was chosen in 1691 on the Place des Monges. Several blocks of houses are razed to accommodate this new building, positioned on the highest point of the city. 87m long and 38m wide at the transept, the white Cathedral thrones eternally over the pink city.