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The museum is fully in the 21st century!

Musée Ingres Bourdelle Montauban

Ingres Bourdelle Museum, from December 14th!

Housed in the former episcopal palace of the seventeenth century, the Ingres Bourdelle Museum houses rich collections around the two illustrious Montalbanais, the painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) and the sculptor Emile-Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929) .

After nearly three years of restoration and rehabilitation from top to bottom, the museum opens its doors again on December 14, 2019; a renewed scenography, new services, a new visitor experience ... will allow you to (re) discover the museum's collections.


Contact : +33 (0)5 63 22 12 91

FROM 01/05 TO 30/09: 10H-19H (high season) until 21h on Thursday
FROM 01/10 TO 30/10: 10H-12H and 14H-18H (middle season)
FROM 01/11 TO 31/03: 10H-12H and 14H-17H (low season)
FROM 01/04 TO 30/04: 10H-12H and 14H-18H (middle season)

Exceptional opening from 17/12/19 to 05/01/20 from 10h to 18h.
Closing on the 25/12, 01/12, 01/05 and 01/11.

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