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Montauban celebrates

The 400 years of the 400 blows

1621 – 2021. In September, Montauban will celebrate the 400th anniversary of one of the most famous episodes in its history: that of the siege of the city by Louis XIII and the resistance of its inhabitants, despite cannon fire.


The year 2021 will mark the 400th anniversary of one of the major events in the history of the city of Ingres: the siege of the city by the royal troops of Louis XIII in 1621 and the resistance of its inhabitants.

Good to know

On the occasion of this anniversary, the City will live to the rhythm of the 400 blows from September 16 to 22, 2021: strolls, live shows, sounds and lights, large popular buffet, demonstrations of period sports and many other events will enliven Montauban!

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The legend and its origin

Legend has it that Louis XIII, overwhelmed by the Montalbanese resistance, fired 400 cannon shots in the space of a few hours, on September 19 or 20, to terrorize the population and obtain their surrender. The reckless Montalbanais would have held a banquet during the cannonade as a symbol of their determination and their resistance to the King. This episode has since been cited as the origin of the phrase “do the 400 blows”.