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Savory specialties

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At the heart of a department attached to its know-how, discover the tasty specialties of our producers. Fill your basket with scents and colors, which will inspire your best recipes or appetizer platters!

La Tome du Ramier cow cheese

Their subtle scents are mouth watering! All these cheeses, made from farmer’s milk, are made in the old-fashioned way, in the traditional copper vat, with still warm milk from milking. They ripen for several months on the wooden shelves of the refining cellar.

Fromage de chèvre


This little goat cheese made from raw milk is Cabécou d’Autan. When it is around ten days old, its paste is soft and creamy and its taste is nutty. Will you wait a few more days, for its rind to bloom, to enjoy a cheese with a more powerful taste?

Infos pratiques

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