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in the Grand Montauban
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In Montauban...

Several educational trails can accompany you in your discovery of the biodiversity of the city. Signs on species and natural environments are installed on the Cours Foucault and along the Port canal.

Along the banks of the Tarn

Montauban has an eventful history with the Tarn on the banks of which it was founded in 1144. For centuries, the city has drawn from the river the sources of its prosperity, establishing many mills and flourishing river trade. Yet the Tarn has proven to be a capricious ally, whose regular and sudden floods over the centuries have repeatedly devastated Sapiac and Villebourbon, the city’s lower quarters. The importance of the floods in the 20th century led to the implementation of a vast anti-flooding system along the Tescou and Tarn rivers. On this occasion, walking trails have been set up close to the town center, in a restful natural environment rich in fauna, flora and specific ecosystems on the banks of the Tarn.

This biodiversity deserves to be preserved and discovered. The maintenance of the banks therefore excludes any chemical treatment so as not to risk polluting the water or destroying insects, amphibians, birds, bats, small mammals and many plants present on the banks.

This walking route invites you to discover an exceptional architectural heritage, in an environment rich in natural spaces of rare quality in the heart of the city.

Treil park

Comprised between the Pont Vieux and the Moulin de la Palisse, on the edge of the Tarn, is today a true natural space in the city, which includes several areas: grassy area, tree alleys and Natura 2000 area along the Tarn . Learn to observe and differentiate the herons of Pisotte Island which nest in summer and familiarize yourself with the operation of this heronry thanks to several interpretation stations.

Also download the city and nature booklet

A real repertoire of the fauna and flora of Grand Montauban.

A little out of the way … the Lac de la Piboulette

Over these 2 kilometers suitable for observation, your walk will be punctuated by explanatory panels on the nature that surrounds you.

In the Grand Montauban

if you want to get away from Montauban a bit and explore its surroundings, three marked trails located Lamothe CapdevilleCorbarieu and Albefeuille Largarde are punctuated with explanations of the environments you will encounter as well as the various plants and animals that you may come across.

In total, more than 130 km of marked trails that invite you to explore, alternating between wooded areas and cultivated landscapes.

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The little extra

In Escatalens, familiarize yourself with a must-see in the area: the dovecotes. A 3 km walking circuit around and through this charming town invites you to discover the 16 dovecotes, witnesses of the rich agricultural heritage. Square, rectangular, proudly displaying their steeple … they will surprise you with their typical charm and variety. On the way, linger at the Saint-Julien fountain.

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A town in the countryside, Montauban places trees at the heart of its facilities. Several parks and gardens in the city welcome you for a refreshing break. In the Grand Montauban, you can also access unspoiled places where nature flourishes, changes with the seasons and never ceases to delight us. Also discover superb gardens which can be visited throughout the year. Take a breath of fresh air in its gardens without further ado! link to the gardens page.

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