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National Square

pink heart of the City of Ingres
In fine weather, the bricks change their reflections, the melody of restaurant cutlery resonates, conversations enliven the square and the passageways under the arcades. Take your place in the background. Enjoy the freshness of a glass on the tile, the local flavors at restaurant tables, the rhythms of a concert, or even the fascinating anecdotes of the tour guides during a guided tour.

For the curious

The square has characteristics that inspired the construction of new towns and bastides in the Midi.

Take a good look at the arches, they are not all the same size. They each correspond to the width of their respective building. The keystones, under the covers, give you clues about the owners and the dates of construction. Behind the doors hide treasures saved from the fires: a medieval brick tower here, a Renaissance gallery there …

The buildings are suitable for both professional and personal functions. The shop occupies the ground floor, the first and second floors are inhabited and the upper floor, recognizable by its mirandes, serves as an attic.

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It is all built of red bricks which hiss softly …

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle


National Square

Explore the history of Place Nationale in the company of the CIAP thanks to the brochure “Focus place Nationale”.