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Le Grand Montauban: territory with remarkable biodiversity

a mosaic of unspoiled landscapes

At a time when the rate of species disappearance is accelerating to the point that scientists are evoking a sixth great extinction, nature and biodiversity are now at the heart of environmental issues and must be integrated into every urbanization project.

The Grand Montauban has a remarkable biodiversity, but eroded and threatened. This common heritage deserves to be better known by all, safeguarded and protected, restored and enhanced, because it is a source of well-being, innovation, new activities and sustainable jobs.

Much more than a simple postcard “decor”, our nature can be discovered, admired, listened to … all year round, alone or with family, through unique and unforgettable experiences.

Montauban between city and nature

In Montauban, the main reservoirs of biodiversity are located to the south-east of the city and at the level of Tarn and Tescou. Ecological corridors cross the city northwest to reach other reservoirs outside its limits.

An educational booklet

To discover all the riches of Montauban’s natural heritage, download the Montauban booklet between town and nature.

The purpose of this booklet is to help you discover some forty species that it is possible to meet in the city and to help you identify them. Its main purpose is to arouse curiosity and not forget that we are just one species among many.