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Old bridge

remarkable building spanning the Tarn
At the gates of the city, its large arches elegantly span the Tarn river.
Photo spot


The setting is ideal for your photographic memories.

On one side, admire the charismatic row of the Pont Vieux, the Ingres Bourdelle Museum and the bell tower of the Saint-Jacques Church.

On the other hand, be charmed by the facades of the old mansions on the Quai Villebourbon which paint their reflections in the undulations of the Tarn.

To be discovered on both sides of the

Old Bridge

Turn your head to the left and the Ingres Bourdelle museum and the entrance to the city center await you. Turn your head to the right and discover the Villebourbon district and its art-deco houses. The Pont Vieux is the dash connecting the two banks of the Tarn.

The inhabitants of the place will build a bridge over the Tarn. And when the bridge is built, the lord count will agree with six prudhommes, the best advisers, inhabitants of the said place, on the rights that they will have to establish there, so that the said bridge can be maintained and repaired.

Founding charter of the city, October 9, 1144


Old Bridge

Explore the history of the Pont Vieux in the company of the CIAP thanks to the brochure “Focus le Pont Vieux”.