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City of the Grand Montauban
A rural village where life is good and which gets its 2nd flower!
Distinguished by a constantly renewed creativity, this award reflects its excellent living environment.

Did you know ?

Its Latin origin is beyond doubt: “Montebetone”.

The “mountain” evokes a high place, while the surname of Germanic origin “Bette / Betton” is found in both oc and domaine d’oïl.

A Montbéton exists in the Marne! The local pronunciation in Occitan is “mounbétou”, with the accent, of course!



Since the first stone laid in 1878 and blessed in 1879 by Monsignor Legan, the Church of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption proudly watches over the village.

The warm colors of the stained-glass windows by Lavergne installed in 1881 and the beautiful rose window allow natural light to flood the clear and uncluttered decor of the church.

This softness rubs shoulders with the precious light of the golden chandeliers, coming from the living room of the private mansion of Paris, by the Marquis de Bellissen (sponsor of the church and of the Bellissen center: former orphanage). The high altar ordered from Angers and the altars made at Montauban gracefully organize the space.

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