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City of the Grand Montauban
Between plain and hills, this quiet and pleasant town welcomes you to the rhythm of the Tarn.
Located on the right bank of the river, it offers a lush setting in the heart of a rich nature where a peaceful setting emerges.

Did you know?

Corbarieu was born from “Curvus” (curve) and from “Rivus-cellus” (stream), simplified to “Curvus Rivus”.

It was in the 12th century that the lords of Curvo-Rivo decided to rename the territory with their name “Corbarieu”.



The Church of Saint Abdon and Sennen wisely watches over the village and arouses the curiosity of those who do not know it. And for good reason, these Saints are credited with having engendered many miracles.

According to legend, relics of Abdon and Sennen reached Corbarieu and were held by his church.

Their celebration coincides with that of their torture and with the patronal feast of Corbarieu, which for this reason is set for July 30.

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