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Heat wave alert

our good plans to fight against the heat
In the middle of July, a heat wave is flooding Greater Montauban. Tired of baking in the sun, shaving the walls in town in search of shade?
We invite you to get out of the sun and entertain yourself in our favorite cool spots. We’ve unearthed a few cool oases for you!
Our islands of coolness

In the heart of the city of Montauban or more on the outskirts, Greater Montauban is full of green, flowery and tree-lined spaces where it is good to stroll.

It offers you a panel of varied and playful arrangements. So why not take advantage of it to make a fresh stop in the shade of the hundred-year-old trees?

Feet in the water

What better way in the summer than to be able to enjoy swimming areas to relax and refresh yourself. We recommend several places in the Greater Montauban.

Freshness to enjoy

Is it so hot that shade and water aren’t enough to cool you down? A little tasting is in order.