9ème édition des Soirées crépuscule

Exhibition at Montauban

12.09.19 au 14.09.19 soirées crépuscules.jpg
  • THE NIGHTLY NIGHTS From Thursday, September 12 to Saturday, September 14, 2019 9th edition of the timeless and nomadic festival conceived and organized by the association Les fées du son with the fertile and imaginative contest of the Circus Arts School of Montauban, La Boite à Malices , and the support of the Directorate of Cultural Development and Heritage. At the visual artist Emmanuelle Faugeras 33, rue Gamot - Quartier Villebourbon - Montauban A thousand faces, a thousand poetic languages and always this desire to understand and unite between the wings of the wind and the lightness of being, under the great capital of life. Artistic and human footbridges will, this year be revealed to the ears and eyes, curious to live this adventure of the 9th edition of Soirées Crépuscule. The savagery of our civilization will explode our nature first and many emotions will shake hearts and minds. They will come from everywhere but also from elsewhere to plant in you the seeds of the imagination, in a garden which has not yet revealed all its secrets. The fairies of sound. THE PROGRAM Thursday 12th September 2019> At 33 rue Gamot - Montauban 18h30 - Inauguration of the festival 21h - Concert Laurent Cavalié 22h30 - Aïda Concert Friday 13th September 2019> At 33 rue Gamot - Montauban 17h - Writing workshop with Mouloud Akkouche 19h30 - Stage open 9:00 pm - Concert Media Luna trio 10:30 pm - Jungle Box concert Saturday, September 14th, 2019> At the Mémo library - 2 rue Jean Carmet - Montauban 10:30 am - Writing workshop with Mouloud Akkouche> At 33 rue Gamot 7:30 pm Stage open 9:00 pm Concert Romain Baudoin 10:30 pm Concert Djé Balèti September 12 to 14, 2019> At 33 rue Gamot - Montauban From 6.30 pm Exhibition of Philippe Colin's photographs "Look where you walk" Bookshop of the festival with The fox woman Setting artistic space of the garden For the pleasure of the taste buds : catering / refreshments Circassian appearances with La Boîte à Malices Rates: Evening € 10; Pass 3 evenings 25 € The writing workshops are free on reservation - limited places Infos, reservations and ticketing online: www.soireescrepuscule.fr
  • Rates
  • Base rate
    10 €
  • Full-fare
    25 €
  • From September 12, 2019 until September 14, 2019