Preserves and "foies gras"

Fish factories ,  Foie gras at Montauban

Conserves et foies gras
  • Products from the southwest are tasted in Montauban!

    At the bend of a path, at the announcement of a sign, producers invite you to their farms to make you rediscover the taste of the terroir.
    Welcomed in the peasant tradition, you can discover gourmet products from traditional know-how and authentic recipes. Made from geese or ducks raised in the southwestern sun and stuffed with whole grain corn, foie gras, confits and other specialties will delight your palate.

    La Ferme des Pibouls: 1440 route de Saint-Antonin 82000 Montauban -Tel: +33 (0)

    Conserverie Larroque: 1670 chemin de Matras 82000 Montauban - Tel: +33 (0)

    The Flavors of Carretou:
    - Route de St Nauphary 82000 Montauban - Tel: +33 (0)
    - 2736 Route de Reyniès 82370 Corbarieu - Tel: +33 (0)