Village of Lacourt- Saint-Pierre

Historic site and monument at Lacourt-Saint-Pierre

Le village de Lacourt- Saint-Pierre Tarn-et-Garonne@mairieLacourt- Saint-Pierre
Le village de Lacourt- Saint-Pierre Tarn-et-Garonne@mairieLacourt-Saint-Pierre
  • A little history...

    At the time of the wars of religion, the churches are destroyed, that of Saint Peter is rebuilt the following century. From then on, it is adorned with a beautiful statue of St. Peter that testifies to the devotion given to the patron saint of the parish.
    In the nineteenth century, the lacourtois space was organized around the village with the development of a network of roads and paths and especially with the construction of the Montech canal in Montauban, completed in 1843.

    To discover....

    The towpath of the Lateral Canal in the Garonne and the Agre Forest offer beautiful walks.