Village of Corbarieu

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  • A little history ...

    CORBARIEU, a small village located 8 km from Montauban, is a modest territory of 1303 hectares located exclusively on the right bank of the Tarn.

    Corbarieu was born from "Curvus" (curve) and "Rivus-cellus" (stream), simplified to "Curvus Rivus".

    It is in the 12th century that the lords of Curvo-Rivo decided to rename the territory of their name "CORBARIEU".

    To discover
    The church of Saint Abdon and Sennen

    These Saints are credited with having spawned many miracles.

    According to legend, relics of Abdon and Sennen would have reached Corbarieu and would have been held by his church.

    Corbarieu adopted in 1680 the parish name of the Persian martyrs Abdon and Sennen.

    Their celebration coincides with that of their execution and obviously with that of the feast of Corbarieu which for this reason was fixed in principle on July 30th.

    The temple

    Due to the lack of a precise date, we know that the first Protestant temple was built in Corbarieu before 1584 rue du 8 mai.

    It will be demolished in 1683 in application of the judgment of March 6, 1679 which prohibited any exercise of the reformed culture.

    In 1834, the Protestant families of Corbarieu petitioned the consistory of Montauban to request the construction of a new temple which was erected on the same site as the first in 1836.

    On February 2, 1966, the city council proposed the sale of the temple by public auction.

    It was sold on May 23, 1966 to a citizen of Corbarieu

    The fountain "Del Toroum" and the washhouse

    In Occitan "Toroun" refers to a source, a "font" derived from "teron", a precelect and prelatin word that means fountain or water gushing.

    Around 1780, the diocese of Montauban, at the time reference authority, spent the sum of 8000 pounds for the construction of a fountain.

    Celebrate in Corbarieu with the festival "El Mediodia":an appointment around Hispanic and Latin American culture.

    This festival takes place each year in July for 4 days (from the 3rd Thursday of the month to Sunday)

    On the program: concerts and aperitif concerts, meals, initiation and demonstration of dances, theater courses, conferences, entertainment in the play area ... and a craft market on the first night!