The Saint-Jacques church

Historic site and monument ,  Church at Montauban

l'eglise Saint Jacques
l'eglise Saint Jacques
l'église Saint Jacques
'eglise Saint Jacques
  • It is with the Old bridge the only medieval vestige of the city ...
    This church has its origins since the founding of Montauban. Its presence is attested in 1147 by a gift that knight Pierre de Penne made to the abbey of Saint-Théodard: three houses located "near the church Saint Jacques.

    From the first church there is no testimony, the latter being rebuilt in the following century by the great Montalbanese families, in expiation of their sympathies for the Cathars.
    An exemplary monument of southern Gothic architecture , it has a large single nave vaulted over ribbed crosses, narrow windows, a polygonal apse and a bell-tower of Toulouse type.

    Transformed into a watchtower (bell tower), a saltpeter (nave) and a fort (choir) workshop during the Wars of Religion, the church of Saint-Jacques still bears the traces of the cannonballs of the siege of 1621.
    After the Catholic reconquest (1629), Richelieu ordered the identical reconstruction of the church.
    A cathedral time (1629-1739), it is provided in the 18th century with new side portals and a tribune. Its façade receives a Neo-Romanesque decor in the nineteenth century, while the nave and the choir are decorated with murals.

    Monday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Religious services Sunday at 10:15 am and 6 pm)
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