The district of Villebourbon

Historic site and monument ,  Contemporary at Montauban

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  • On the left bank of the Tarn, all along the quay Villebourbon , the splendid facades of the mansions overhang the course of the river. Built by wealthy manufacturers and merchants, these beautiful homes are reminiscent of the fact that this suburb once lived at the rhythm of the cloth industry, which flourished until the beginning of the 19th century.

    The Tarn

    Crossing five department, it is at the end of a course of 350 km that it reaches
    Montauban . In the city, its banks harmoniously blend cityscapes and lush vegetation. While walking, one can sometimes see a blue bird flying close to the water: the sailor-fisherman. The Tarn is a river of character, whose color sometimes indicates the mood. Sometimes gray or green, its course often presents after the rains of beautiful brown hues, those of the earth carried by the waters.

    Villebourbon is named in honor of Henry of Navarre, future Henry IV and first king of the Bourbon lineage who, during the Wars of Religion, brought together two old suburbs behind an imposing fortification, giving birth to a new district. It is home to many industries, tile mills, flour mills and dyers that benefit from the proximity of the Tarn.

    Along the quay are lined up large mansions built in the 17th and 18th centuries by wealthy entrepreneurs and textile traders whose vaulted rooms on the ground floor housed workshops and warehouses.

    The scale of flood visible on the wharf recalls the flood of March 1930 during which the waters rose to 11m50 above their inner bed. The neighborhood was later rebuilt and modernized, as evidenced by the broad streets and some beautiful art deco architecture.