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Julien de casabianca
Julien de Casabianca
Julien de casabianca
musée ingres
musée ingres
musée ingres
musée ingres
musée ingres
  • Since 2014, Julien de Casabianca travels the world and sticks on the walls of cities characters or details drawn previously photographed in museums. This is the heart of the Outings project, a project that makes the buzz from Paris to New York via Lyon, Geneva, Australia, Brazil or Italy ...
    For each of these operations, the artist has the will to involve the inhabitants in the selection of works to reproduce and places where they will be pasted. To do this, the Ingres Museum asked the association "Cultures du coeur 82", the PRE (Educational Success Project) and the AMAR center.

    In January 2017, the Ingres Museum began its life outside the walls. The wishes of the artist and the city cross each other perfectly.
    This meeting even sounds like an obviousness. This approach naturally found its place in the "outside the walls" program of the Ingres Museum. This is how Julien de Casabianca responded to the museum's invitation to place Montauban on the world map of the Outings project.

    List of visible collages:

    - 2 monumental collages: Old College and Place Lalaque Pier.
    - Avenue Aristide Briand
    - Place Alexandre 1er
    - Gustave Jay Street
    - 10 Grand'Rue Sapiac
    - 18 Jacques Cartier Street
    - Sapiac Stadium
    - 2 Charles Capéran Square
    - Association House: 10 Rue Jean Carmet
    - Fort Street
    - 116 Rue de l'Abbaye

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