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  • Invader known only by his pseudonym has so far invaded 74 cities of 5 continents. In the streets of Tokyo, Paris passing by the famous big white letters of the Hollywood Hill. The French artist has so far passed 3566 space invaders, his little characters in mosaic tiles of all kinds, inspired by the aliens of the famous eponymous video game created in 1978.

    As for its invasion of Montauban, the landing took place in August 2009 through the exhibition "Ingres et les modernes" at the Ingres Museum.
    The most important mosaic is "the source of the invasion" (Rue du Tescou) where escape to as many different Montalban destinations: ten other space invaders.
    You will find a total of 11 invaders in Montauban. Go to their discovery!
    1. The source, Rue du Tescou.
    2. Corner of Tescou Street and Grand'Rue Sapiac.
    3. Pillar of the Pont Neuf.
    4. Outside staircase of the Ingres Museum.
    5. In front of the Ingres Museum, Square Piquard side.
    6. Inside the Ingres Museum.
    7.Place Bourdelle.
    8. Montmurat wharf.
    9. Staircase of Mandoune.
    10. Bench, National Place.
    11. Facade at the corner of Rue Porte du Moustier and Rue de Venise.

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