Xperience Game

at Montauban

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  • <p>Live the game differently</p>

    Xperience Game is a company based on Montauban.

    The innovative concept allows you to choose the activities and play where you want (at home, in your offices, schools, camping, gym, halls, warehouses, forests, parking, shops ...). Xperience game is recreational recreation at home or in your business!
    The services are suitable for individuals, businesses, associations, local authorities and many others.
    Activities : - the laser game (from 6 years old) - Archery game (from 10 years old) - Bubble football (children and adults) - Sumo (children and adults) - Virtual reality - Escape Game
    The activities take place both outdoors and indoors. Free travel on 10 km around Montauban (beyond a flat rate will be applied).