Les années 20, promesse d'une vie meilleure ?

Exhibition at Montauban

Espace des Augustins les années 20.jpg
  • Exhibition November 11, 1918, Jules Momméja was Avenue de la Gare in Moissac when "the bells moved to all the steeples of the city" to sound the tocsin of peace. He chatted for a moment with a demobilized pharmacist who said to him wisely, "What will happen now that we have peace? ". How will men reintegrate into civilian life, with their wounds and memories? What place for women, widows, orphans? How to overcome the lack of arms in a department long undermined by demographic decline? The Tarn-et-Garonne must also prepare for its entry into modernity: transforming its agriculture, industry and transport. The lifestyle of tarn-et-Garonne changes: hygiene, health, housing improve. Social and political demands are stronger. Free admission Open Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm Weekends: Closed on Saturdays. Sunday: from 14h to 18h Closed during the Christmas holidays
  • From January 1, 2020 until February 16, 2020