Exhibition Pour le plaisir des yeux

Exhibition at Montauban

31.10 au 03.12.2019 exposition Pour le plaisir des yeux Galerie du Fort Montauban.jpg
  • Exhibition proposed by Photography Creation Communication - Opening November 7 at 18:30. "Objects are placed on the worktop in my kitchen, they are waiting for the sun to be in front of it, that's it, the time has come, I open my window and the magic is working." is fabulous! The ordinary objects are sublimated.Every sunbeam changes the atmosphere of the photo.It is beautiful! But the objects in the frame do not need shadow, they are sufficient to themselves. we wait for the sun to hide, to go to the next day because the next day it will be necessary to pierce slices of fruit trapped in the blinds of the day before, fruits that will need the sun to show the whole beauty of their pulp. "
  • From January 1, 2020 until January 6, 2020