De la sculpture à la photographie

Exhibition at Montauban

04.07.19 au 03.09.19 expo lespace bourdelle.jpg
  • Exhibition of sculptures and photographs proposed by Espace Bourdelle and Photo Creation Communication Association. Photographing and sculpting there is similarity in the two arts, and many recognized artists have practiced both: Rodin, Bourdelle, Man Ray, Brassaï ... (to name only them!) Because there is the similarity, invited by Christian André Acquier, the photographers of the association PCC participated for many years in the sculpture festival organized by Espace Bourdelle. They bring out their work and suggest you to see or review their vision of festival themes. The paradox of beauty The double requirement Art is a transformation Transfiguration and metamorphoses, monsters and chimeras Elsewhere The seasons of sculpture The Espace Bourdelle joins forces with the initiative and exhibits some thirty sculptures.
  • From July 4, 2019 until September 3, 2019