Bozo Collection Pierre Robin

Exhibition at Montauban

14.11.19 au 11.01.20 Exposition Bozo.JPG
  • Enter the cozy world of great collectors. "I was able to acquire 40 years of puppets in more or less good condition but all of them fascinated me by their creativity, their madness of colors, their architectural invention, their creatively crafted clothes. I was always going back to Mali in the villages where shows were preparing to better understand this art and its symbolic richness.I quickly understood that the BOZO sculptures belonged well to a popular, playful and joyful art but with coded rules: the skill and ingenuity of the sculptors, the luxuriance of colors, the choice of fabrics, the manipulation systems that make it an enigmatic art that requires you to look for and understand its rules. offers young men and women an important access to knowledge, promotes integration and the spirit of solidarity as well as the understanding and experience of beliefs and beliefs. their fundamentals of their community. It is clear that in this Africa, the permanence of traditional values is not a brake but rather a factor of social cohesion. I lived with this important collection all these years and I thought it was time to let it be admired by others who will be passionate like me for this very different African Art. "PIERRE ROBIN
  • From January 1, 2020 until January 11, 2020