Women, half the world

Exhibition at Montauban

24.02.20 au 06.03.20 femmes moitie du monde.jpg
  • As part of Gouges Olympus Days. Free exhibition. Globally and demographically, women and men are equal, their number is roughly the same. The equality ends there. Bullying, domestic violence, murders ... Discrimination in terms of employment, wages, public life ... The subjects that annoy are numerous. How did we get here ? Can it change? The exhibition Women, half the world takes stock of the status of women in France, in the West and in other parts of the world. The exhibition is aimed at everyone, young people, families and seniors. Beyond its human and cultural interest, the exhibition brings together all audiences around a subject, treated with a sensitive approach, which is likely to provoke reflection. Questioning cultural differences, the coexistence of traditions and human rights, on fundamental values, contributes to the great reflection of "living together". With its many colorful panels and animation documents, Femmes, la demi du monde invites you to discover, meet and debate.
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  • Free
  • From February 24, 2020 until March 6, 2020