UTAM summer program

Cinema at Montauban

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  • Tuesday, July 23, 2019: Tribute to Jean-Pierre Marielle: THE GREAT DUCS Patrice Leconte (France) 1 h 25 1996 with: Philippe Noiret, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean Rochefort ... Three old actors have been and broke that seal for survive, will resume at short notice three small roles of a comedy boulevard, the day before the departure of a theatrical tour. Tuesday, July 30, 2019: ALCESTE A BICYCLE by Philippe Le Guay (France) 1 h 45 2013 With: Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, Maya Sansa ... At the height of his acting career, Serge Tanneur left once and for all show world. He now lives as a hermit in a dilapidated house on Île de Ré ... Three years later, Gauthier Valence, a successful actor, arrives on the island to offer him to play "The Misanthrope" Molière. Serge refuses everything and confirms that he will never come back on stage. However, something in him only begs to yield but ... can be taken to believe that Serge will actually go back on the boards ... (projection on Blue-Ray support). Tuesday, August 6, 2019: IL GIOVANE FAVOLOSO by Mario Martone (Italy) VOSTF 2 h 23 2015 With: Elio Germano, Michele Riondino, Massimo Popolizio ... Italy. Nineteenth century. Giacomo Leopardi, a child prodigy, from an aristocratic family, grew up under the implacable gaze of his father. Forced to study in the huge family library, he escapes into writing and poetry. In Europe, the world is changing, revolutions are breaking out and Giacomo is freeing himself from the yoke of his ultraconservative father. Unhappy, ironic and rebellious genius, he will become, next to Dante, the most famous Italian poet. Tuesday, August 13, 2019: THE DESERT OF TARTARES by Valerio Zurlini (France-Italy) 2 h 23 1977 With: Jacques Perrin, Vittorio Gassman, Giuliano Gemma At the edge of a desert, in the fortress of Bastiano, just joined the young Lieutenant Drogo, the garrison lives in expectation, fear and hope for the return of hordes of Tartars who once massacred the region. Over the months, then years, Drogo shares more and more each day the illusion of all. Tuesday, August 20, 2019: IF WE WERE LIVING TOGETHER by Stéphane Robelin (France) 1 h 36 2012 With: Jane Fonda, Pierre Richard, Geraldine Chaplin ... Annie, Jean, Claude, Albert and Jeanne are linked by a strong friendship for more 40 years old. So when the memory fails, when the heart is racing and the specter of the retirement home is pointing his nose, they rebel and decide to live together.The project seems crazy but? even if promiscuity disturbs and awakens old memories, a great adventure begins: that of the community ... at 75 years! Tuesday, August 27, 2019: THE THIEF OF LIGHT of Aktan Arym Kubat (Kyrgyzstan) VOSTF 1 h 34 2011 With: Aktan Arym Kubat, Taalaykan Abazova, Askat Sulaimanov ... He is called Mr. Light ("Svet-ake"). In this village lost in the middle of the Kyrgyz mountains, far from the power and the economy, it maintains the power lines, sometimes traffic meters to help the poor. An open and generous heart, he not only brings them electricity: he listens, advises, reinforces the penalties and tempers the conjugal disputes of these villagers forgotten by modern civilization. Mr. Lumière has a dream: to build wind turbines on the mountains to supply the entire valley with electricity. But he will have to face powerful and corrupt men who are the new masters of the country.
  • Each tuesday from July 23, 2019 until August 27, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM