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  • Grindcore Heavy Metal Evening - Electro Post Punk Tariffs 20/24 € 21h - Doors open 8.30pm Possibility of on-site catering with Nomad Kitchen - ethical and gourmet food truck! ULTRA VOMIT Founded in 1999, the four Nantes of Ultra Vomit start their career quietly by completely revolutionizing the music. With an unstoppable technique: the power of the valve, combined with an incredible ability to pasticher all that the rock planet counts as vocal signatures and riffs that beat. From his grindcore base, which is obviously crazy, whimsical and irreverent, the band develops its burlesque universe around parodies, all more off-beat than the others, whether it's about scato themes, stupid words, delirium without head or tail, or carefully copying the style of groups like Rammstein (Kammthaar), Pantera (Pink Pantera), Tagada Jones (A Giant Dog) or their comrades in Gojira, Calogero mode (Calojira, so logically). But behind the farce operated by Fetus, Manard and others, are four talented musicians "ultra", who know on the fingertips all the secrets of their little illustrated metal. In other words, the members of Ultra Vomit are there for fun, and the "metalosphere" is asking for more. Astaffort Mods Born of the merger of a prune and a nuclear power plant of 47, these guys of the 47 are big brut. Not the last to moan. Mostly. All the time. Their disc is black. Like a plum that would have dried too much. The accent is cut with the knife. A shrewish Cabrel. A thousand times more venerates than the original. Hardcore. They are the pastoral response to cockney diatribes of the cool duo of Notthingam, Sleaford Mods. Except that we understand everything. And that guys have damn good work on the lyrics. Because if we scratch a little under the light polish of buffoonery, appear much deeper considerations on the difficult report city / countryside. Started as a joke, the project reaches unexpected sociological dimensions.
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  • On September 20, 2019 at 8:30 PM