Telethon 2019 in Montauban

Telethon at Montauban

  • Long committed to the Telethon, "ambassador city" at the 30th edition of the Telethon in 2016, Montauban is mobilizing, this year again, for the benefit of research on genetic diseases through two events. Thus, on December 6, the City invites all those who wish to support this initiative to participate in a torchlight march, alongside children from schools of the city, elected representatives of the Municipal Youth Council and representatives of the Local Council of the Youth. This stroll, accompanied by the artists of the company "La Boîte à Malice", will borrow the roundabout Telthon to join the aquatic complex Ingréo. Departure on the forecourt of the Palais des Sports Jacques Chirac (La Fobio) at 17:30. On December 7th, from 14h to 19h, the First Swimming of Rare Diseases, a relay of 5h which goal is to achieve the greatest number of lengths, will be organized in Ingréo. Other events for the Telethon (with the departmental coordination) - From 5 to 8/12 Sale of bakeries from Mauranes bakeries. - 6/12 From 9h to 12h: double tournament by the ATM tennis. Running by Saint-Nauphary Elementary School. - 7/12 From 8h to 12h30: sale of objects and breakfast by the association of Inhabitants of Sapiac. From 8:30 to 12:30: sale of floral compositions on the farmers' market. From 9am: sale of apples in the Intermarché gallery by the Rotary club. 15h: Telethon dictation at the popular university. 4.30 pm: "Delhia's workshops", theatrical performance by the Art Monny association at the screening room of the Old College. Departmental day of the women's teams of the football district: 1 goal scored = 1 euro donated to the AFM. Sale of buns at Intermarché by the Merchants Association of Albasud. Loto at the Espace Jean Bourdette in Montbeton. 18h: walk to the lanterns in Lacourt-Saint-Pierre. - 8/12 Stock exchange for toys and garage sales at the village hall of Fonneuve by the association "Quentin mon étoile". - 29/12 Telethon prize at the Hippodrome des Allègres.
  • From December 5, 2019 until December 8, 2019
  • On December 29, 2019