Ecologite experience

Local event at Montauban

©ecologite ecologîte à port canal.jpg
  • Discover eco-construction by spending one night, for free, in a tiny house. Booking on Ecologi (t) e is a small rolling house, built from ecomaterials and equipped with the latest eco-friendly technologies, allowing a family to experience this space for a day and a day. night, while discovering the landscape heritage of the territory. Program: - From June 8th to 16th at Port Canal. - June 17 to 23 in Montebton. - June 24th to 30th at Saint-Nauphary. - July 1st to 7th at Lacourt Saint Pierre
  • From June 8, 2019 until July 7, 2019
  • From September 17, 2019 until October 6, 2019