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The store

Greater Montauban Tourist Office

Whether it’s for special occasions, travel souvenirs or simply to give pleasure, we have all the products you’re looking for.

Visit the Tourist Office store.

The posters

by artist Jab

But also mugs, magnets and postcards!

Decanters and glasses

of Montauban

All prices :

Island decanter, €12

Stopper, €2.50

Bodega glass, €4

Set of 6 Bodega 22cl glasses, €20

1 Carafe + 6 Bodega 22cl glasses, €27

The pocket

of Montauban

Other gift ideas

From €4

Gift ideas

at retailers

Perfumeries, chocolatiers, confectioners, delicatessens, toy, decoration, fashion andaccessorystores, bookstores.