The Olympe de Gouges Days

The art of women
Since 2006, the city of Montauban has been highlighting the rights and conditions of women with the Olympe de Gouges Days. These days highlight committed projects, which denounce or on the contrary value the place of women in society. A great eclectic and federative appointment not to be missed, around the theme “Art in the feminine”.
Tuesday, March 8th
Wednesday, March 9th
Friday, March 11
Saturday, March 12th
Free access to exhibitions


From 10/02 to 08/04 – Théâtre Olympe de Gouges

In resonance with the show La journée de la jupe
The visual artist Jessica Nodin plays with the word skirt that she examines through the prism of theater from every angle. Drawing part of the absurdities of the
language, she draws in fine the portrait of the absurdities of the existence. Between impertinence, lightness, eroticism, violence and black humor, she invites to the reflection as much as she tries, sometimes perilously, to amuse the gallery…


From 03/03 to 26/03 – Maison du Crieur

An exhibition of collages created around the color yellow. Cut and pasted papers form a harmony of shapes and tones, with sometimes some small embroidery stitches associated.
In this period of pandemic that stretches, in front of the difficulties of the daily life and the uncertainty of the future, we must not forget the power of the color on the retina. The positive vibration produced by the work of art spreads to the brain, the heart suddenly palpitates, the smile rises high. La Grande Mag has enjoyed organizing shapes and spaces since childhood. This practice, almost vital for her, has led her today to develop a multidisciplinary work mixing collages, installations, textile creations and wall paintings,
installations, textile creations and murals. Very observant, with a sense of detail and a taste for color that dances on the retina, the artist creates from patterns, figures and letters assembled. She thus gives birth to soft, poetic and sometimes offbeat compositions.


From 05/03 to 01/05 – Jardin des plantes

Women’s art has a multitude of facets. Joëlle Faure wished to reveal a part of it through her pictures. Through her eyes as a woman, as an artist and with what she is, she had the opportunity to capture what animates or represents these women, each in their art… The creativity of being a woman.


From 05/03 to 05/04 – Around the Old College and the Kiosk

14 women. 14 artistic destinies chosen among many others, 14 strengths having known (or not) how to cohabit with their weaknesses. Enough to inspire the members of Rosendo Li’s drawing workshop at the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Montauban…