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Furnished tourism

Tourist accommodations

Article D. 324-1 of the Tourism Code defines furnished tourist accommodation as:
“furnished villas, apartments, or studios, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to a passing clientele who make a stay characterized by a daily, weekly or monthly rental, and who do not elect domicile there.”

Reception conditions

The rental of furnished tourist accommodation can be done professionally or not. In both cases certain obligations must be respected.

  • individual accommodation of the type villas, apartments, furnished studios
  • for the exclusive use of the tenant
  • without the tenant taking up residence there
  • .

  • rental by the day, week or month
  • maximum duration of 90 days for a single client
  • provision of furniture, bedding, kitchen kit
Declaration at the town hall

Since Law No. 2012-387 of March 22, 2012 on simplifying the law and reducing administrative procedures, Article L. 324-1-1 of the Tourism Code provides that persons offering furnished tourist accommodation for rent must make a prior declaration to the town hall of the municipality where the furnished accommodation is located, whether or not it is classified.

The declaration specifies.

  • the identity and address of the declarant,
  • the address of the furnished,
  • the number of rooms, the number of beds,
  • the or forecast periods of rental.

In the event of a change in any of these pieces of information, a new declaration must be made at the town hall (Article D. 324-15 of the Tourism Code).

Rules and taxation

Find all the information about renting out (furnished tourism) your second home on the public service website:

Rights of individuals

Tourist accommodation


You are an owner and wish to rent your property as a furnished tourist accommodation ;
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