Resilience, fights and rebirth - Les Cafés Philo

Entertainment/recreation, Conference in Montauban
  • A place where everyone can speak, unravel their train of thought, exchange ideas or simply listen while sipping a coffee.

  • “It is in the greatest danger that what saves grows”.
    Confronting illness, wars, life's catastrophes... Where to draw the resources to "hold on", find the strength in the test?
    In this philosophy café, female figures of strength and resilience, in culture and in reality, will be particularly questioned.

    Café philo offered on the occasion of our Pink October day.
    Presented by Julien Cueille, professor of philosophy.
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • From October 15, 2022
    until December 29, 2022
  • Saturday
    at 10:30 AM