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The Jazz Factory

4th edition
Imagined as a tribute to Hugues Panassié, who made jazz a true art of living, La Fabrique du Jazz seeks to recapture the atmosphere of the Panassian years by revisiting the great standards dear to this passionate man, while displaying his willingness to shake up traditions by opening the door to new generations

Wednesday, September 21st

9pm – Le Violon Dingue

JAM SESSION with students from the jazz department of the Pôle des enseignements artistiques du Grand Montauban.Free admission, within the limits of available seats.

Throughout the festival

From September 13 to 24 - Théâtre Olympe de Gouges

Exhibition of paintings by Bernard Signamarcheix

Bernard Signamarcheix works his subjects with acrylic, mixed with pencil, pastel or even ink. Represented in low angle, the often disproportionate members, his characters invite us to penetrate in their cheerful and colored universe. Exhibiting all over the world, he will be in Montauban as part of the festival to present his gallery of jazzy musicians


Photographic exhibition

“Retrospective of the Jazz Factory” in partnership with the association Photographie Création Communication.

September 22-24 - all over the city

Place Nationale, kiosk Mortarieu alley...
Bokale Brass Band

Baptiste Techer (trombone), Fabien Durou (trumpet), Julien Deforges (baritone and alto saxophone), Romain Luzet (banjo), Olivier Vernhères (snare drum and lead vocals), Camille Eissautier (sub-assophone), Frédéric Faure (bass drum and percussion).

Thursday, September 22nd
From 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. – Front of the theater

Piano-Bar with the piano and voice classes of the Pôle des enseignements artistiques.

Free admission, food on site

Opening night, 7:00 p.m. – Parvis du théâtre

Opening of the 4th edition of La fabrique du Jazz and opening of the exhibition. Cocktail with music by the PHILIPPE LEJEUNE QUARTET.

Friday, September 23rd
From 12pm to 2pm – Parvis du théâtre

Piano-Bar with the piano and singing classes of the Pôle des enseignements artistiques.Free admission, food on site.


From 5:30 to 7pm – Place Nationale


8pm – Petit foyer du Théâtre Olympe de Gouges


CONFERENCE “The place of women in music”The Reine Prat report and then the #metoo movement have caused a worldwide shockwave. New dynamics now give hope for an evolution.Free admission

Saturday, September 24th
11am – Crier House

CONFERENCE “Séverine Cappiello’s jazz playlist: listening and dialogues”

Subversive, joyful and delirious, jazz is a great school of freedom! Listen and journey through the titles that have marked the life of this jazz producer from Armstrong to Nina Simone, from Mahalia Jackson to Miles Davis.

Free admission

2:30 p.m. – Le Violon Dingue

CAFÉ JAZZISTIQUE with students from the jazz department of the Pôle des enseignements artistiques du Grand MontaubanFree admission, subject to availability

7:30 p.m. – small foyer of the Olympe de Gouges Theater

CAUSER with Marie Baker “For a Portrait of Mickey Baker”

Mickey Baker was one of the most influential African-American musicians and composers of the post-war era. Along with Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, he was one of the pioneers of rock’n’roll.

Free Admission