Urban rally

Go, according to the clues and the missions, to the discovery of Montauban! Game of ingenuity and travel, in the heart of the city, to gather information and decipher an enigma. Divided into several teams, you will collaborate during 1:30 to the solving of puzzles tracing the history of the city. At once entertaining and cultural, it is the Team Building animation par excellence, ideal to strengthen and boost team cohesion. At the end of the game, teams meet and share a convivial moment around a snack.

Organization: 2h20 game broken down as follows:
Briefing: 10 '
Route in town: 1h45
Gathering teams at the end of the course: 5 '
Drinks / snack: 20 '


Rally Rates:
From 100 people: 18 € TTC / person
From 50 people: 20 € TTC / person
From 25 people: 23 € TTC / person
Between 17 and 24 people: 25 € TTC / person
Between 10 and 16 people: 27 € TTC / person
Less than 10 people: package of 290 € TTC / group