General description :
This is a challenge between teams who compete for half a day on mini-games, challenges, events!

The principle is based on confrontations of 5 minutes which are linked together in team, in the form of Olympiads. All participants perform the same number of games. A ranking is established to designate the winners.

Phase 1> Brewing:
The participants are divided into several teams who compete to define for which place in the standings they will compete in the final stages. After 2 hours, the brewing is over and each team knows the "ranking slice" in which it will participate in phase 2, the finals.
Note: between brewing and finals, a refresh is planned (15 to 20 minutes).

Phase 2> Finals: a challenge between teams to establish the final ranking.

The results and the snack:
During the snack, the rankings will be announced and the prizes will be awarded to the first three teams of the day.

Workshops: games of skill, synchronization, coordination, logic and some physical challenges.

Audience: Adults and children over 12 years old
Duration: 3h

Prices "Olympics in Montauban":
Group of 55 people and more: 41 € TTC / person
Group between 26 and 54 people: 43 € TTC / person
Group between 16 and 25 people: 1000 € TTC / group