Le pont Vieux à vélo en famille

A weekend with the family in Montauban

An unexpected experience in Ingres' city
A holiday in the pink of all pink cities!

Follow the Mayer family on their journey to Montalban! Clément Claire and their children Lucie and Tom set off to explore Montauban.

Day 1

Discovering the pink city

A ludic visit

Ingres Bourdelle Museum

We were curious to know what lay behind this impressive bishop’s palace that paid tribute to the two famous Montalban painters, Ingres and Bourdelle. Clément really enjoyed discovering that history hid a modern museum, while Lucie let herself be carried by Jadi, the museum’s hippogriff and mascot, who made the visit playful. There were riddles hidden everywhere on the tour that had to be solved. Lucie had a great time solving them!

A refreshing moment

National place

When we arrived at the National Place, we were overwhelmed by the charm exuded by the pink bricks. A beautiful place you can hardly imagine, devastated by two fires in the 17th century. Its water mirror is a wonderful moment for the whole family! We therefore decided to discover the local gastronomy in a restaurant under the arcades. We really enjoyed tasting the local cuisine in this exceptional setting.



On the shores of Port Canal

A magical evening

At the end of the day, we made our way to Port Canal to enjoy our evening in an idyllic setting. An open-air restaurant fulfilled everyone’s wishes. There was also a show which the children really enjoyed!

We stayed in a charming cottage that Clément had located just outside the city. It was a small country house that we liked.



Day 2

A bowl of fresh air

Hidden wonders

On a journey of discovery through street art

Tom had stars in his eyes. Thanks to the Baludik app, we were able to go in search of hidden wonders in Montauban and solve puzzles. Monumental frescoes of the local artist 100taur were also seen in the streets as well as the Space Invaders, which were also seen in the city. At lunchtime, a bistro-restaurant in Place du Coq was like a cinema, with the atmosphere of the film Les Tontons Flingueurs.




An afternoon by the water

Bike tour in Port Canal

The children were bursting with energy, so we decided to rent bikes to go to Port Canal. With glorious sunshine, the setting was ideal for pedalling, plus the path is reserved for gentle progression so the children could progress safely. We admired the locks and boats during our ride, which the whole family enjoyed. One last breath of fresh air before we left.



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Not to be missed

Montauban, tips for great sites in Occitanie
Montauban, tips for great sites in Occitanie
Montauban, tips for great sites in Occitanie