Canal de Montech à vélo

A day in Montauban with the family

an unforgettable moment
Start with a good breakfast

National square

Heart of the city towards which most of the streets of the old center converge. The square is one of the oldest urban squares in France. Tourists and Montalbanais love to meet under the arcades to have a café on the terrace and admire its pink brick so easily recognizable.

Our good addresses

Once your batteries are recharged

Let yourself be tempted by a museum

The Ingres Bourdelle Museum

Come and meet two famous Montalbanais, Ingres and Bourdelle. The rooms of the MIB are so many treasures to unearth and discoveries not to be missed. here a sculpture, there a painting… A moment not to be missed with the family.


Good to know

Take advantage of your Ingres Bourdelle Museum admission ticket to discover the Victor Brun Museum for free.

Continue your day at the water's edge

Bring your family to Port Canal

A place of tranquility and strolling just minutes from downtown, port canal is the marina of the City of Ingres. Accompanied by a basket full of victuals and a beautiful checkered tablecloth, settle in under the trees by the water for a family picnic.

I am interested

In search of street art

Montauban is an open air museum. A dozen works are to be admired along the streets, made by local and international artists such as 100Taur, MOG, Invaders… Go on a graffiti hunt.