City sculptures

All along its streets, Montauban pays tribute to its artists from the past and those who are creating works today. A large number of sculptures are on

The city of Ingres is also the birthplace of another important artist, the sculptor Emile-Antoine Bourdelle,  a twentieth-century master. Loyal to his home town, he bequeathed a number of works that can be seen all around the city. His monumental statues are an integral part of the historic city centre, a place he loved to visit, somewhere that we can see him "empty the shadowed ponds" and "reduce the walls to tears". And so Penelope waits with patient pride at the foot of the Tourist Office and the Centaur dies with dignity at the edge of a shady square while Sapho bent over her lyre sits in deep, reflection.

This walk takes you on an artistic odyssey where some 30 works in various media are on display in the city. Marc Dautry, Flavio de Faveri, Jean Suzanne and Jean-Louis Tripp have all left their mark on the town with creations made from bronze, metal and stone that take on a new life in the urban environment.

Parcours Bourdelle, sculptures in the city

Sound path of Bourdelle masterpieces by Bruno Izarn, musician, with the participation of Jérôme Cabot, "slameur". Sapho who is kicking her feet, Penelope spinning, Bourdelle's sculptures animate under the attentive look of Bruno Izarn and Jérôme Cabot. Based on texts of the famous scultpor born in Montauban, both have composed a sound path who will change your vision of Bourdelle's scultpure all around the city center.